3 Tips for Catching a few Extra Minutes of Sleep Each Day

Written by Allison Bordewick on

Despite the recommendations to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, it’s tough to get to bed at a reasonable hour and get yourself out of bed once the alarm clock starts buzzing. Are you someone who finds yourself desperate to catch a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning? Here are three tips to make your morning more productive so you have extra time to stay in bed.

  1. Start the night before
    Set a goal bedtime, and for an hour before that goal do as much as you can to prepare yourself for a successful morning. This can include:
    • getting your computer bag and/or purse packed and set by the door (including an easy grab-and-go breakfast stashed away inside)
    • preparing the coffee maker and setting a timer so it starts automatically
    • gathering items for and setting aside your lunch in the fridge
    • setting out the outfit you plan to wear the next day
    Another trick to make getting out of bed on time easier in the morning is getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Your goal bedtime might be something you work toward if you’re a night owl; take it in five-minute increments and don’t give up!
  2. Get yourself organized
    This is kind of a piggyback on the first tip, but you know what you need to get through your morning routine. It is imperative to a successful morning that everything you need is in its place the night before. For example, running around the house looking for your keys as the minutes tick by can be a stressful way to get your day started. Make sure you create a habit of putting them in the same spot each day so you’ll always know where they are.
  3. Wake up faster
    Once you’ve managed to get your eyes open (even a crack counts) and your body in an upright position, there are a few additional things you can do to help your brain wake up for the day. Opening a window to see the sunrise or turning on the lights will help “because your body’s internal clock is sensitive to light and darkness,”1 says Natalie Dautovich, the National Sleep Foundation’s environmental scholar. As terrible as a cold shower sounds, it’s another way to shock your body awake. It’ll promote deeper breaths which will increase the oxygen and blood flow, leaving you feeling more energized.2

We’ve all had those days when you wake up feeling sluggish and thinking it’s only been 5 minutes since you laid down the night before. Hopefully with these tips, you’ll get those extra couple of snoozes in and still be out the door on time.

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