Flying vs. Driving over Memorial Day Weekend

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We're getting to the point where it's almost ok to assume that winter is finally over. We have blue skies and green grass ahead of us, and we can't overlook the excitement about our next three-day vacation: Memorial Day weekend! The weekend serves as the unofficial start to summer, and many people take advantage of the time off to do some traveling. The big decision is whether to fly or drive to your destination, and below we've outlined the pros and cons of each. Happy planning everyone!

  • Pros of Flying
    There's no doubt that the one major benefit to flying is the time you'll save in the air. Even with the added time you spend at the airport, there's a good chance you'll beat someone who is driving to your same destination. While you're in the air, you'll have time to plan excursions, have a snack, and relax with a movie or book you've been waiting to read.

  • Cons of Flying
    On top of the hefty price tag on some tickets, there's a good chance you'll have to pay for your luggage to make the trip too. In a car, you can easily throw bags in the trunk. There’s also a lot less flexibility when it comes to flying, as you need to be on the airline's schedule. Some flights can be packed, leaving you very little room to get up and stretch your legs without disturbing your fellow flyers.

  • Pros of Driving
    See a sign for the world's largest rain boot? While driving to your destination, you're free to stop and check it out. You're in charge – if you want to stop, you can stop. You can find unknown gems and see beautiful landmarks that you may have missed out on if you chose to fly. And don’t forget the bonding time you'll have with your fellow riders, singing at the top of your lungs to the radio.

  • Cons of Driving
    Driving takes time, and if you're looking for a quick weekend get-away, you're probably not interested in spending most of it in the passenger seat (unless you fall into the "the journey is just as important as the destination" camp). There's less chance, especially when you're driving, that you'll get to zone out and relax. You're also putting yourself more at risk for accidents. And depending upon how far you have to travel and gas prices, your gas bill could end up costing more than a plane ticket.

No matter which mode of travel you decide to take, make sure to pack your Transcend® miniCPAP, which can be used either while flying or driving – a pro for each category! Take time to remember those who died while serving for our country, and enjoy planning your three day weekend; we have the whole summer in front of us!

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