Incredibly Portable CPAP Makes Travel Easy

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It’s tough enough for people with sleep disorders to deal with jet lag and unfamiliar hotel mattresses. At least when it comes to rest, sleep apnea sufferers can easily bring along a Transcend CPAP machine. At less than one pound, the unit from Minnesota-based Somnetics International even fits in carry-on luggage.

According to company CEO Clarence Johnson, Transcend can be carried and even used on long flights, and as a medical device it does not count as a carry-on item.  People traveling in coach are no longer offered the option to plug into a power outlet, making the Transcend CPAP devices and batteries, one of the only systems that can actually be used in-flight. Johnson says it’s probably not a good idea to check a CPAP with baggage, because the chances for damage are high.

"A doctor can provide a letter stating the user’s diagnosis and the need to carry and use the device on the plane, if necessary,” he says. “Users should call the airline in advance to clarify procedures and in-flight policies."

Somnetics received FDA market clearance for the Transcend obstructive sleep apnea therapy device in July 2010, and designers have continued to make improvements. Since its introduction four years ago, the “small wonder” has won awards for its state-of-the-art design while providing freedom to travelers—whether they stay in hotels or even tents.

In addition to the unit’s compact size, users such as mountain backpackers will appreciate the  automatic altitude adjustment, up to 8,000 feet. Transcend CPAP devices provide consistent performance on the road, on the trail, or for everyday use.

Two battery options are available, one with an overnight capacity of 7 to 10 hours at a pressure of 14 cm, plus another multi-night battery that will last 14 to 16 hours minimum at 14 cm. In more rugged surroundings with no available outlets, an innovative solar battery pack can recharge under the sun and fuel the CPAP unit overnight.

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