Items That Take Camping to the Next Level

Written by Allison Bordewick on

For some people, the experience of camping means peace and quiet, connecting with nature, and disconnecting to their tech-filled, busy lifestyle. For others, it means bugs, sleeping on the ground, and non-stop dirt. For the folks who fall into the second category we’ve rounded up a few items to make camping more tolerable so you can appease the family member or friend who insists on dragging you on a camping weekend each year.

Combat the Bug Situation

  • If you’ve ever been camping, or even just spent time outside during the summer months, you know how uncomfortable it can be to have mosquito bites. The constant buzzing in your ear, the itchy bumps you get after they bite you- no thanks. Thankfully, Thermacell has created a lantern that doubles as a mosquito repellent, giving you a 15x15’ area of protection without having to spray harmful, smelly chemicals on yourself.
  • A Bubble Tent shields you from the creepy crawlies while offering perfect views of the changing sky. Lay back, rest your head on a comfortable pillow, and count shooting stars without having to worry about swatting away creepy crawly creatures.

Win the War on Dirt

  • Just snap the Road Shower to the luggage rack on your car and you’re set with high-pressure spray wherever you go. Take a quick shower, rinse off muddy boots, or use the water for cooking; the Road Shower provides hot or cold water on demand.
  • Baby wipes make a great cleaning solution while you’re out in the woods, especially if they’re biodegradable (that means you’re off the hook for hauling a bag of garbage around!). These wipes from Naty are free from harmful chemicals and will leave you feeling fresh.

Wake up Feeling Great

  • Aeros Pillows offer lightweight and compact, inflatable pillows that are great for hiking and/or camping. It only takes a few breaths to inflate, and the smallest versions fold down to about 3”x3”. Sleep comfortably with the support you need and you’ll wake up feeling ready to spend some time in nature.
  • The best thing about the Transcend® miniCPAP is that you don’t need an AC power source in order to use it! You could be days away from electricity and still get the deep, uninterrupted, restorative sleep your body needs. The miniCPAP’s compact, lightweight design ensures that you’ll have room for it in your backpack, and the P8 Battery and Solar Battery Charger will give you the power you need to keep your miniCPAP running all night long.

No matter which camp you fall into (pun intended), there are ways to tailor your experience outside with items to fit your specific needs. If you pack the right items, you may even end up enjoying your time in the great outdoors!

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