Transcend P8 Battery™

Transcend P8 Battery™

$290.00 $324.95

This small, robust CPAP battery delivers up to two nights* of therapy in a compact and lightweight design, you'll be amazed with the freedom this little battery gives you. It’s FAA-approved so you can use it on your next flight and sleep comfortably on the plane. And with a solar battery charger, you can go off the grid for days! Measuring only a few square inches - a little larger than of a deck of cards, the P8 miniCPAP battery is ultra-light and perfectly portable for your next trip.

Note: Not compatible with Transcend 365 miniCPAP devices or Transcend 365 miniCPAP power supply.

*Performance tested at 14 cmH2O; actual battery performance may vary based on altitude, respiratory rate and tidal volume.

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    - Dimensions 4.33 in x 3.15 in x 1.66 in
    - Weight 1.1 lbs.
    - Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 18VDC, 1.67 Amp
    - Operating Range 32°-113° F, 10% - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
    - Storage Range -4° - 140° F, 10% - 95% relative humidity, non-- condensing
    - Standards Compliance EN 60601-1: Class II; Type BF; IP22 IEC 60601-1-2 EMC compatibility

    Other Features
    - Most innovative small, light and portable CPAP batteries in the world
    - Provides power for approximately two nights of therapy at pressure of 14 cmH2O before requiring recharging*
    - Rechargeable with AC power supply or DC mobile power adaptor
    - Power for CPAP therapy when wall power is not available
    - CPAP battery backup provides uninterrupted therapy when used in-line with AC power supply during power outages
    - Warranty 9 months
    - Operational Time Up to two nights on a full charge*
    - Recharge Time with solar charger: approximately 12 hours for full charge from completely depleted cells (in full, direct-sun conditions)

    * Tested at 14cmH2O


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