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P4 Battery

This compact yet potent battery is a reliable and powerful backup power source for your Transcend miniCPAP. Use it during power outages caused by inclement weather or other disruptions to the grid, or pack it along to enjoy reliable miniCPAP power wherever and whenever you need it. Camping is no longer a chore - simply take your Transcend miniCPAP along with you and breathe easier wherever you are! You can use the battery backup to ensure uninterrupted therapy during storms and brownouts, as it delivers a full 8 hours of continuous power for your CPAP machine. Once you experience the flexibility and performance of the P4 battery, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. And, order today as part of your new miniCPAP kit and you’ll instantly save off the regular price!

P8 Battery

Introducing the longest lasting miniCPAP battery available today. Delivering up to 14 hours of compact and lightweight power before needing a recharge, you’ll be amazed at how much work this little battery does. Measuring only a few square inches - about the size of a deck of cards, the P8 miniCPAP battery is feathery-light and perfect portable. This FAA-approved CPAP battery can even be used for sleeping with your miniCPAP outdoors or on your next airplane flight. Ensure that you always have the power you need to breathe easy in any situation, order the P8 miniCPAP battery today and prepare to love the freedom and flexibility that comes with up to 14 hours of continuous performance. Order as part of your new miniCPAP kit and you will save money instantly!

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Transcend 3 miniCPAP, simply contact us within 10 days of receiving the product for a refund. We are absolutely confident that you will love the convenience, performance, and value of our miniCPAP.

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