Which CPAP device is right for me?

We offer two basic styles that can accommodate virtually any CPAP user. If your current CPAP unit is a fixed pressure PAP device, then you’ll want to consider the Transcend EZEX miniCPAP. This unit is ideally suited to most CPAP users and would be considered a good fit for those currently using a fixed pressure unit or looking for the most economical choice. Transcend also offers the incredible Transcend Auto miniCPAP. The Transcend Auto creates the utmost in comfort and wellness by automatically adjusting to your breathing while you sleep. If you currently use a variable pressure unit, the Auto CPAP is the solution for you! Please note if you use a biPAP, neither of these options is suitable for your needs.

Can I still receive CPAP therapy off the grid?

Using a Transcend unit completely off the grid is not only possible, it is also quite simple! You use your miniCPAP when away from a wall power source by using the Transcend Solar Panel Charger to charge your Transcend battery. If AC power is not available, but you do have access to a DC power source, consider ordering our 12-volt mobile power adaptor, which can power the CPAP and recharge the batteries from a standard 12-volt power plug. A cigarette lighter plug in a vehicle is a prime example. Purchasing the P8 Battery, is the easiest way to ensure you’ll be able to use your miniCPAP off the grid.

Can I travel with Transcend? Can I use it on a commercial flight?

Yes! You can carry your Transcend miniCPAP device with you on your flight. And, as a medical device, it will not count as one of your carry-on items. Make sure that you always carry your device with you as CPAP machines can be damaged by normal luggage handling procedures. Your doctor can provide an official letter stating that you need to carry your device with you, if necessary. Transcend is FAA-approved for inflight use with battery. Be sure to call the airline in advance to clarify procedures and in-flight policies.

Can the CPAP be operated upside down?

Since we know not all Transcend users will always have their device sitting securely in a docking station, we’ve designed our miniCPAPs to work efficiently regardless of the orientation. You can position the device in whichever direction allows for the most comfortable and convenient therapy. Lots of miniCPAP users even place it in bed with them.

How long will the battery last in my Transcend miniCPAP?

We offer two battery options - the P4 and the P8. The P4 Battery provides approximately one night of sleep therapy at 14 cmH2O and the P8 Battery delivers up to two nights at the same setting. These averages are based on testing at 14 cmH2O and may vary depending on leak rate and altitude.

Do you offer CPAP masks?

Our CPAPs do not come with a mask as they are designed to be used with virtually any CPAP mask on the market today. Use your miniCPAP with a nasal cushion, nasal pillow, or full face design. For the ultimate in freedom, you can choose the mask that works best for you - which is quite common with contemporary CPAP offerings.


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